Kind Words

“If you're on the fence about getting a doula, get one! I moved to Austin in my 3rd trimester and wanted someone as support so we started looking for doulas.  Mia was one of three doulas we interviewed -- they were all great but what we really liked about Mia is that she was a good balance of knowing the technical/medical details while being open and supportive of our choices as parents-to-be.  As a first time mom, I went in with a lot of research on what to expect with birth and labor -- but research won't get you experience, and I am soooooo thankful that we had Mia's experience for labor and delivery. She provided phenomenal support - she was there when I started laboring, stayed through the night and rode with us to the hospital at 2am. She even guided me through contractions while I was in the shower despite it completely soaking her outfit! The pinnacle was when I asked her to talk me through pushing the baby. IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Baby was out in 40 minutes!  
Mia was there from 10pm at night the previous day till 7am; even after birth to ensure I was feeling alright -- and all this was after her son's birthday party. While laboring at home, she did some aromatherapy, which actually distracted me and was surprisingly helpful during the laboring process. There were so many moments like this where she knew exactly what to do and what to say that would ease the whole process. I have a large family to support me through pregnancy and labor, and my husband was incredible -- even so, the guidance from Mia was what really empowered me. It's the feeling of confidence that you can handle things even if its completely mysterious and crazy. And of course, I had the delivery I wanted. (Side note: all women should have this support, especially first-time moms. If you didn't know, Mia volunteers her doula support services to women in the prison -- she's an incredibly kind-hearted human being who really believes in getting woman an optimal birth!).” - Ramya K. | Aug, 2018

“Mia helped us prepare for and birth our baby girl! My husband and I so appreciated Mia's warm presence in our birthing room. We couldn't imagine this process without her. She has a terrific bedside manner. She is an excellent communicator who helped us through the process in a calming way.  And best of all, she was a true delight to have as part of our birth.” - Holly T. | Nov, 2018

“Mia was my doula for the birth of my second baby in July of 2018. She was professional yet flexible every step of the way - from the time of first contact through our postpartum visit. When I was searching for a doula, Mia took the time to speak with me during a phone interview. After that, not only did she promptly send me an email with contact information for the references I requested, but she also took the initiative to include a sample contract with further details. Mia was responsive, caring, and informative in each of her communications. When I went into labor, she graciously agreed to attend my baby's birth despite just coming from another mom's labor. Mia's calm presence and reassurance were absolutely key in my labor progressing as successfully as it did. She guided me through a rapid natural labor with complete confidence and poise, including when I started to freak out during transition! I am so glad that I choose Mia as my doula and I highly recommend her!” - Shannon D. | Jul, 2018

“I met both Viviana and Mia, who helped me during my postpartum period, and I can’t be any happier that I did. They were great with my baby and really helpful providing valuable advice. I’m really gonna miss you guys!!!” - Rocio M. | May, 2018

“I had the absolute best experience with Matriarch Doulas. I'm a first time mother and Mia Mendoza was my doula. She was so knowledgeable, kind and helpful during my entire pregnancy and even more so during my delivery. I had a long and exhausting delivery and Mia was there to support not only me but my whole family (mom & dad and husband) during my labor. What I didn't realize was that as a doula she was there for all of us - bc it really does take a village to deliver a baby. I went into labor on a Friday and delivered our daughter on Sunday and Mia was by my side every step of the way. She was an advocate for me when I was exhausted and supported me when we changed course from the birth plan I had initially made and helped me come to terms with the new course of action. She's amazing and if we ever have another child she will for sure be our doula again. I can't imagine having gone through labor without her.” - Amanda C. | Feb, 2019

“We met Mia when I was 33 weeks pregnant. For a good while, we weren't totally sure we needed a doula. Let me say, I am glad we found Mia. We felt a connection with her from the very beginning. Shortly after meeting her, I found out my baby was breech! I was 34 weeks at that point and completely devastated. I was planning an intervention free birth at the birth center and the thought of anything else really scared me. Fortunately, Mia came to our first meeting (at our home) prepared with techniques to help baby turn. More importantly, she was able to help soothe my worries. She was the perfect voice of reason that I needed during that time. Fortunately, we got baby to turn after lots of different techniques and we were set for the birth center. Our second meeting with Mia was even more informative! She came prepared with a whole slideshow of coping techniques for labor and even more kind and encouraging words. To our surprise, our little boy was ready to come two weeks early! Not only was he unexpectedly early, it was on Christmas day! Neither of those factors made a difference for Mia. She met us bright and early at the birth center with coffee in hand for my husband, Ben. Throughout my labor, Mia never left my side. She came prepared with several different comfort measures. Essential oils, music, hip squeezes, etc. In the end what worked best for me was her just being right next to me. I used her and my husband as a human stress ball. She was there to help make sure I was hydrated and was a huge support to my husband. I struggled a little with pushing and Mia was there to hold my oxygen mask, countdown my pushes and ultimately cheer me on. In the end it was her suggestion to use the birth stool that eventually helped me get the baby out. She came to our home for a few post-partum visits and those were such a treat. Did I mention she even encapsulated my placenta? Yep, This girl really does it all. Any mama is lucky to have her.” - Malorie M. | Dec, 2017

“First of all, I just want to say we could have never had as peaceful a birthing experience without Mia. She was AMAZING! She was so encouraging and helpful and was always right there with the right things when we needed them! Thank you're truly the BEST!” - Hope G. | Jan, 2018

“Mia, you are so awesome we are very grateful to have met you and thank you for all your support. Sophia had such a good birthing experience with all your professional knowledge and techniques as well as your support from the beginning till the end. This was such an amazing experience for both Sophia and I. We would love to work with you in the near future (2 or 3 years) thank you again!”- Adam C. | Nov, 2017